On 7th April 2020, the Government announced SME Commercial Leasing Principles During CoVid 19 that is to be implemented between landlords and tenants through the COVID-19 crisis. Throughout the pandemic and a reasonable recovery period the document appears to be very supportive of the Tenants (which is usually the business) “Reasonable recovery period” is a […]

As we are receiving information we are pushing the information to our clients in order that they are up-to-date. The below we feel is very relevant to anyone who over the past few days has found they have been stood down, business owners who may have just or are anticipating or have of stood staff […]

Just understand this is going to be tough, and when it gets tough you either dive, survive or thrive. It is our mission to ensure you thrive once the crisis is past and hopefully grow bigger and stronger on the other side. You need to be proactive now! Hard decisions aren’t easy to make, that […]

Government Stimulus

Wow! This week has been extraordinary since the initial announcement by the Government of the initial stimulus on March 12, added is the extra social distancing measures as well as the associated health actions and the suspension of the AFL competition, having a substantial impact on business in Australia.  SMB Accounting will be working overtime […]

  Below we have provided a briefing of the stimulus package which the government announced last week in response to the difficult times which are affecting all of us As a business owner or employee of a business, you may/will confront the possibility of yourself or members of your team being isolated from the work […]


Everyone has the right to claim tax deductions in Australia. A tradesperson can definitely claim deductions so you can maximise your tax refund. If you’ve just heard about this good news, lucky you! We know it’s tiring to comply with all those tax requirements but saving money should be your top priority. So, here are […]

Maximise ATx Deductions

Maximising tax deductions is every business’s/taxpayers’ goal. This is one way you can save from paying higher taxes than you need. But, let’s face it, this is one of the toughest things to do when you are running your own enterprise especially If you don’t know how the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) works.  So, is […]

This article explains to you the simple steps to take to catch up on outstanding tax returns or late tax returns. With the right assistance, you could be up to date with all your refunds within a month   1.   Find out how many years of tax returns are overdue Best to contact your accountant and […]

There are a number of critical parts to your invoicing in order to make sure your invoices are tax compliant. What are the must haves? Ensure the words ‘Tax Invoice’ are prominent Clearly display your full business name and address Your ABN (Australian Business Number) must be on the document The date of invoice is […]