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What Conveyancers Should Know about Trust Accounts and Audits

A trust account is a particular type of bank account that allows a person or organisation to receive or keep money on behalf of another person in relation to a sale. The auditor examines records to determine whether the trust’s accounts have been logged in a way that complies with trust laws. Penalties are issued […]


Essential Information You Need to Know About Your TFN

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a government-issued number that serves as your unique identifier. This account is associated with your tax returns, benefit payments and superannuation funds. Scammers may perpetrate identity theft and fraud in your name if it is in the hands of the wrong people. It’s preferable if you keep it in […]

Doing Tax Returns: Answering Four Common Questions

Filing tax returns can be a rather confusing process. This is mainly due to a general lack of knowledge of this process. Now, this isn’t something that you should be ashamed of as it’s understandable not to know how to navigate this process. To help you out, we thought it would be useful to go […]

What Auditors Do and Don’t Do When Auditing Your Company

Why do such audits even exist in the first place? It happens because of problems on your end. Everything from questionable financial reports and the like can force third parties to audit your company to ensure you are not hiding anything. For instance, they will check whether what’s recorded in the balance sheets is actually […]


Record Keeping Tips for Better Tax Refunds and Deductions

Tax deductions are very helpful resources at the end of the taxable year. To get the correct amount for claiming, it’s important to keep an accurate record of your books. Good record-keeping is important anyway to make sure you are abiding by the proper regulations. If you don’t properly calculate your deductions, you essentially lose […]


3 Tips To Help You Save More Money During Tax Season

Taxes are nothing to be excited about, and for many people, it is nothing but a hassle. Plus, it is an activity where individuals lose money, so it isn’t something people look forward to. However, what is to be excited about is the many ways one can reduce the taxes one has to pay overall. […]

Company Director? New Director ID required!

All company directors will now be required to apply for a director identification number (DIN) by 30 November 2022. The main purpose of DIN is to trace or identify the director’s history or director’s relationship across different companies. This legislation will help the regulators investigate for any unlawful activity, particularly the phoenix activities, to promote […]

4 Tips to Help You Discover and Hire the Right Accountant

Many companies believe that they are alright without hiring an accountant by their side, that they can manage their finances without the help of a professional. While this is possible for small companies, the larger the company gets, the more they realise that staying on top of finances while managing other business functions is increasingly […]


4 Important Tax Deductions That You Have to Know About

While we often take it for granted, taxes are incredibly important. This is why you’ll want to invest an ample amount of time to make sure that you get everything right. Failing to be thorough when it comes to taxes will surely lead to you losing a significant chunk of money. When it comes to […]


Audited Financial Reports: When Does Your Company Need It?

All business owners can agree that their company’s finances are one of the most important operations that help keep their business running. With that being said, dealing with finances can be incredibly challenging but still necessary to ensure you provide an accurate record of your financial health—that’s where an audited financial report comes in.  An […]